Episode #16 - Ahmed Ahmed


Ahmed Ahmed (the man so nice they named him twice) is an Egyptian American comedian who is HUGE in the Middle East, and pretty big here too. Where ya been? He was on the show “Sullivan and Son,” as well as being featured on Vince Vaughn’s “Wild West of Comedy,” the “Axis of Evil” tour, as well as directing and being featured in the documentary “Just Like Us” about doing stand-up comedy in the Middle East. We meander into conversation starting with weed (living in Venice, he fits right in) then shares genius stories about doing huge comedy tours from the U.S. to Lebanon, and how he got banned from performing publicly in Abu Dhabi (but they never said anything about private gigs!) We also reminisce about one legendary night at the Comedy Store, when Ahmed was doing a set in the Belly Room that almost ended in a racially motivated fistfight, and how he’s learned since then in therapy to “de-escalate.” We also get personal about why he’s attracted to dating “train wrecks,” how it affects him when people hate Arabs, and whether he wants kids. Ladies, get those childbearing hips ready, Ahmed is a warm, charming, Middle Eastern Alpha male who has had some therapy and is not afraid to use it!