Felicia Michaels and Susanna Brisk are not your average moms. In fact they are the moms you will seek out by the punch bowl who are saying the irreverent things no one else will. Felicia and Susanna have a lot in common - both started doing comedy in their teens, and achieved early precocious success, Felicia on Star Search and in Playboy, Susanna on network television in her native Australia.

Both met and married high-powered comedy manager/producers in New York and had two boys, Felicia by adoption, Susanna by C-Section (so both totally unnatural.) Both became MILFs, and also a little squeamish about the title. How much make-up was this going to require exactly?

Both Susanna and Felicia reached a truce with their respective exes, and set about revamping their comedy careers and their sex lives, though not in the same order. Hint: Susanna has appeared on National Lampoon Live, mom shorts, and is also a Sexual Intuitive who reports graphically and hilariously on her sexual adventures in her widely read blog Felicia has appeared on Stand-up In Stilettos, Nick at Nite's "Parental Discretion" and her own comedy album "MILF and Cookies."

Funny, filthy but never flip, Susanna and Felicia will entertain, empower and inform, on subjects from dating after divorce to co-parenting, from aging as women, to aging as men, from sex to politics, to how they all intertwine to make the hairball we call life. Women want to bang them, and men want to be them.
Or something like that.

The MILF Code is a LIVE video broadcast which streams from TradioV Studios in Hollywood Thursdays at 7 p.m. PST.

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