Episode #14 - Felicia Michaels


Sweet-voiced and hilarious vixen Felicia Michaels started her comedy career by posing for Playboy and winning Star Search, not necessarily in that order. Now she entertains me in her 1960’s furnished abode. Felicia’s and my life have run somewhat parallel; we both married comedy managers. We discuss the irony of them not wanting to pull any strings to further our careers to preserve their “integrity.” Felicia tells a great story involving hair care, which I won’t ruin here. We discuss the parallels of our early stand-up comedy careers, including showcasing at The Comic Strip during Fleet Week.


We compare Comic Strip stories and reminisce about the inimitable Lucien Hold who used to book and run the Comic Strip for many years, and how unusual his criteria was for passing comics. We talk about the challenges of being the “artist” dating a manager and why we both gave up stand-up comedy when we had kids! (We might be twins.) We discuss whether comedians are darker than civilians, and Felicia discusses how she deals with other comedians. Then we move onto how to deal with other moms, I rant about Malibu moms, and that Felicia thinks my blog is outrageous (pretty rich considering her latest album – MILF and Cookies.)


We talk about what Letterman means to comedians, and Felicia talks about how she transitioned to being a comic, after an early marriage, and her early career as a stripper in Denver in 1984. It’s a fucking great story, you won’t want to miss it. We talk about career envy, self-doubt and what it was like being a “pretty young comic,” getting gigs for looks vs. merit, and the early Golden Age at the Comedy Store. Also how being a comedian relates to being a felon.


Then it’s time to talk about sex. Felicia was one “twisted little chick,” and I’m quoting her so it’s okay. She gets real about men’s attention when she was stripping, and the power from that, and then we get deep y’all.  Felicia talks about her father, I talk about my father, and we get into some psychology, being a mom and having sons. Then segue again into chasing dick, and it’s pros and cons, and when to introduce men to your kids. Somehow we end up talking about Jay Leno, and the limit of how many comics you can fuck as a female comic.


I ask her (as I will likely ask all my guests) whether she’s a depressive, and Felicia opens up about her family, who may have been the ones with the issues. And I admit that in my family I’m the one with the issues. Ouch. Felicia and I both crave honesty, but she is less judgmental of other people’s relationships. We talk about the cougar thing, online dating and why we are both aging well and it’s not from sitting outside watching our kids skateboard. We talk about being what it is to be a MILF and how much sex we had in our marriages, which we’ve both discussed elsewhere, but Felicia talks about it all with respect, kindness and empathy, and I put forward my case for polyamory. Then Felicia convinces me go to back to stand-up comedy!!! It’s a Christmas miracle! We talk about Laurie Kilmartin and her incredible work ethic… It’s apparent that I need Felicia Michaels, not just on my show but in my life, and you will too!