Oct 20, 2015

MILF Code 2.07: How To Succeed In Show Business Without Being An A**hole

About to get eaten by a Pterodactyl whilst swimming in your dainties in a pond, and you can't find your motivation? Wanna get ahead without coming off like a complete turd? Are you dying to hear about the action-figure that one can give teeny little hand-jobs to? Then join Felicia and Susanna as they chat up the delightful and talented actress Mircea Monroe along with producer/Podcaster Adam Spiegelman.

Oct 14, 2015

MILF Code 2.06: The Cincinatti Bowtie And Other Urban Legends

Comedian/actor from 40-Year-Old Virgin Gerry Bednob shares that the only thing worse than winning the lottery, is when you didn't, and people think you did. What do topless women, Adam Carolla and a wine cocktail called Mangria have in common? Podcaster Lynette Carolla! Felicia shares how sometimes you make a deal with the devil (or Carrot Top) and will Susanna lose her sobriety over Tinder?

Oct 8, 2015

MILF Code 2.05: Three Depressives And A Blonde

Writers Dylan Brody and Amy Dresner talk bleeding on the page, but not your Facebook page. Felicia reveals her difficult past with a suicidal mom, and Susanna just had a polyamory break-up, and somehow they all lived to tell about it.  

Oct 8, 2015

MILF Code 2.04: Don’t Be Offended If I Do, Don’t Be Offended if I Don’t

Felicia and Susanna talk to actress Monique Parent and comic Sam Tripoli about what porn stars and comedians have in common, the other kind of water sports, and how the adults of tomorrow will whine about walking three miles to get sushi during the drought. (What, no Uber?)


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