Feb 18, 2015

Episode #19 - 50 Shades of No Charlie Hunnam

I had so many opinions about this whole 50 Shades thing I needed an entire Podcast to express them, and express them I did. As a sometime BDSM dabbler, I wanted to bring some nuance to the discussion about this movie i.e. context while others bandy about terms such as "domestic violence" and the idea that all people who practice BDSM are damaged. Uh, no. We go from Story of O, through Anais Nin, to how much hotter the movie would have been with Charlie Hunnam in it (well, I don't actually say that in the podcast, so I'm saying it now.) Mostly, I found the movie to be quite sexually vanilla, and outside of the money-porn aspirational aspect of dating a guy with such a great apartment who can fly you around on his helicopter, I conclude that the biggest turn on in the movie is not at all what you'd think. Also my biggest issues with 50 Shades are also not others people's issues (when are they ever?)  Don't forget, there's a better word for "mommy porn" and that's "porn." Listen to the world's coolest mom talk about 50 Shades, and take from all this what you will, but don't forget to report back. After all, I only watched this movie for you... the least you can do is the same.

Feb 11, 2015

Episode #18 - Mishka Shubaly

Mishka Shubaly made me cry. Not because he’s a best selling author of Kindle Singles including “The Long Run,” “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and most recently “Of Mice and Me.” Not because he’s an ultra-marathon runner and punk rock singer, touring with bands such as The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and comedian Doug Stanhope. Not even because I’ve interviewed him before. But before he makes me cry… We talk about the realities of touring, karma vs. science the origin of his name, and the deepest voice you will ever hear saying, “I’m a little mouse or a little bear,” which leads to a cool story about his ethnic origin (you’ll never guess.) He drops an exclusive bit of news, you have to listen to find out, and then we discuss the drawbacks of having a threesome with Mishka, myself and Amy Dresner. Then at minute 26.16, Mishka starts talking about my writing, how he feels reading it and then something gets in my eye… We talk about our families and how hard it is to let them love us. Eventually we circle back to my first interview question, “When was the last time you thought about suicide?” and discuss what keeps us from “tapping out.” Far from feeling heavy after it all, I get home from interviewing Mishka at 3 a.m. feeling curiously light, “seen,” and though you were not actually there, I’m sure you will feel it too.

Feb 4, 2015

Episode #17 - Brody Stevens

Brody Stevens is huge in my mind and heart, and if he isn’t already in yours, he will be. A true original in the comedy world, he was in the first two Hangover movies, and is one of the biggest warm up-guys in L.A. – he was the audience guy on “Chelsea Lately,” and currently on “At Midnight” on Comedy Central. He’s had his own show “Brody Stevens -Enjoy it!” on Comedy Central, and a ton of podcasts, the latest of which is “The Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship.”  Also some appearances on Kroll, the lucky duck. We reminisce about the old days doing shows in Surf Reality and Collective Unconscious in the Lower East Side of New York. Brody also had a well-publicized reaction to stopping medication a few years ago, which he publically shared on Twitter, and we get into a talk about mental health, taking meds, and whether having a sensitive nervous system may just mean you’re an artist and a Jew. Brody played baseball at Arizona State (!) so he is a dichotomy: an athlete who needs a creative outlet. Which leads me to a rant about how people think they know you because of the Internet, and I encourage Brody to do online dating, before offering to take him to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Brody talks honestly about his mom and sister, who were featured on his Comedy Central show, and I commend him on being an exemplary son. He has a strong message for dealing with life (cardio!) especially the etiquette of warm-up, stand-up, managing love relationships and the daily ancillary job of social media. Brody finishes by sharing some personal growth so POSITIVE ENERGY, PUSH and ENJOY IT!


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